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Understanding Your Report

Thermography at first may be difficult to understand. Don't worry- we have professionals that can help! In fact, as part of the screening process an in-depth consultation is included for a full understanding of the report and findings.

Your images will be interpreted by Board Certified physicians who are trained through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology(PACT) and have many years of experience in medical thermography. Every image goes through three levels of analysis and interpretation by our physicians with varying degrees of expertise. Our senior Board Certified physician, Dr. Alexander Sepper, MD, Ph.D. is the leading authority on thermographic imaging. He has studied hundreds of thousands of women in his gynecological practice using thermal imaging. He holds a Ph.D. in Gynecology, Radiology and Thermology.

Sample Report

A report will be created which contains your medical history, images, and the doctor’s impressions and recommendations based on a variety of factors. This in-depth analysis and multi-page report usually takes between 7-10 business days to complete. We recommend reviewing your results with your doctor, as the report will have various measurements and comments based on your findings that may need further investigation. Medical thermography reports are easy to understand by your doctor as medical training in physiology and anatomy is extensive. If your doctor is not familiar with thermography, or needs help understanding the report, our medical thermographer and team of doctors are also available for consultation for a small fee.


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