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The Screening Process


The Screening Process


Step 1

Schedule An Appointment


Step 2

Have your doctor's or provider's referral, or use our Direct Referral Form


Step 3

Complete the Intake Form


Step 4

Pre-Screening Protocols

Step 5

Once in the office, you'll meet with Elizabeth, our Certified Thermographic technician, to go over the screening procedure. The screening will take place in a private, temperature-controlled space with a screen between you and the technician for additional privacy. You will disrobe according to the screening type and will be left for 15 minutes to allow your body to acclimate. Following the 15 minutes you will be positioned in front of the imaging system so that the relevant surfaces of the body are imaged accordingly. The images are then captured in real-time by an ultra-sensitive medical infrared camera.

Step 6

Once the images are taken, they are electronically forwarded to our PACT (Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology) Board Certified physicians who will then interpret and digitally process the images. A full written report of the findings, including your images will be sent to you approximately 3-7 business days following your appointment. If you require the report sooner, this can be made available for an additional fee.

Step 7

Once you have received the digital thermographic report an in-depth, online consultation is scheduled with the Certified Thermographic technician for a full understanding of your findings. Following the consultation, the technician will then schedule a comparison screening either at 3, 6 or 12 months per the recommendation of the Board-Certified physicians to complete your baseline.


Schedule for Thermography Scans at Stratford Acupuncture & Nutritional Wellness Center:

Available by appointment only from 10am-12pm Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays; Wednesdays, from 10am-5pm.


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