Have you ever done work in your garden, or played softball, or put up shelving and you just didn’t feel right? A little pain, some stiffness, a reach that doesn’t quite make it? Sotai says that this is a “stop light”. If it hurts or doesn’t feel right, stop doing it! Sotai says that Nature is giving you a message, and Nature is the way to correct the problem.

How does Sotai View the Body?

In Japan about eighty years ago, Dr. Hashimoto recognized that essential functions: breathing, eating/drinking, moving, and thinking are interrelated and help keep our body in balance. When that balance is disturbed the result is what we call disease.

Most imbalances begin small and are barely perceptible but these gradually increase to eventually produce pain, physical distortion, and organic disease.

Moreover, even small imbalances in one part of the body have their influences on other parts of the body, including muscles, joints, and organs, in a chain reaction.

The aim of Sotai is to help the entire body restore and maintain its natural balance.

How does Sotai Work?

Sotai treatment is based on restoring structural balance through releasing and re-educating muscular patterns that have become distorted and fixed. Through isometric exercises these structural distortions, strains if you will, can be returned to a more normal condition.

As the body is moved in directions that are away from pain and are more comfortable, the body re-balances the nervous system and the muscular systems, thereby releasing the strain.

Proper breathing, proper diet and digestion, advancement toward ease and effortlessness activity through the development of natural movement, and positive thinking all are parts of a single integrated approach to supporting balance and health (in contrast to those activities and movements that cause strain and injury and compromise health).

Sotai’s physical exercise activity involves gently guided movements away from the direction that is unpleasant or painful, building up a light resistance which ends in an isometric contraction. The completion of the exercise is a sudden release and relaxation.

Does Sotai Produce Immediate Results?

Continued Sotai therapy aims to reduce the incidences of imbalances and its effect on overall health. But Sotai therapy also can produce immediate results.

Pain management and improved range of motion are commonly seen results after even a single session.

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