In the modern world, Karate. which was developed as a martial art, has been utilized in the West as a total physical, mental and spiritual (not religious) undertaking. It produces elements of full-body exercise, stress relief, confidence-building, and positive attitude. Originally developed in India, China and Japan, there now are many techniques (schools) of Karate, much as there are a variety of massage techniques.

What Does Karate Do?

Karate features two major disciplines.

One major center of attention in Karate is to teach a person to concentrate and focus completely on the act they are about to perform. This enables the student to break boards and bricks, and this is not a trick.

There is, at the same time, the parallel element of recognizing one’s opponent’s objective and instantly initiating a counter measure. This is a significant mental and emotional task.

This dual training results in a person improving attention and observation abilities as well as improving their physical body in terms of balance and in controlled movement of arms, legs and torso.

Our Experiences with our Karate Students

We have seen students of our Karate classes develop self-confidence, physical endurance, agility, self-defense ability, and pride. Interestingly, Karate encourages children to concentrate on school work and, thus, improve their academics.

Karate and Health

Karate as a healing art includes elements of exercise, balance, relaxation, mental focus and discipline, decision-making, memory, strength improvement, attitude, and proper breathing. Improvements in these elements creates a healthy inner environment and a healthier body.

The result is that the person becomes more confident, and his/her body becomes better able to respond to pain and to attacks by disease, and other stresses.

At the same time, the healthier mind and body is better able to heal from the effects of injury or disease.

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