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Nutrition Response Testing™ and the Immune System


Posted by Joe Downer |  | Posted in Nutrition Response Testing (NRT).

“Houston, we have a problem.”  Controls have stopped working.  Meters and gauges are giving misleading readings.  Support systems are beginning to fail.

If our immune system were a spacecraft it would be sending out this message many times during our lifetimes.  You see, we are challenged with stress, infections by viruses, bacteria, yeast and parasites, and by harmful chemicals, heavy metals and other external assaults to our immune systems all the time.

What is the immune system?

Most of us imagine the immune system to be the white blood cells and various antibodies created when the body fights off an illness or is stimulated by a vaccine.  But the immune system is so much more.  Our immune system needs to have its various parts communicating effectively via chemical messengers, having all organs and components working together: the skeletal, respiratory, reproductive, digestive, endocrine and central nervous systems. 

The skin is both a barrier and produces chemicals to fight off pathogens.  This same tissue lining the nose and other parts of the body produce mucus to trap invaders.

Hydrochloric acid in the stomach destroys pathogenic microbes.

The human gut does more than help us digest food.  Some GI tract bacteria fight off invading germs.  In addition, they produce chemical signals, letting the central nervous system know what is going on.

The thymus is called on to ramp up production of T-cell lymphocytes (a form of white blood cells in our immune system).

The bone marrow is called on to ramp up production of B-cell lymphocytes (another form of white blood cells in our immune system).

Interferon is called in to help at the earliest stages of disease and infections.

The spleen is needed to cleanse the blood of the products of the battle between the immune system cells and the invaders.

Why is there a problem?

The immune system is sensitive to the body’s state of nutrition and to assaults by stressors we have mentioned above and in other articles.

Studies have proven that: chronic stress, poor diet, poor digestion and elimination, pesticides and heavy metals absorption, certain food additives, air and water pollution, use of prescription and recreational drugs, and lack of exercise can all contribute to a reduced efficiency or even failure of the immune system.

Americans overall are overfed and undernourished on the Standard American Diet.  Even when we do follow a healthy diet the nutrients, microbes and trace minerals we need are no longer in our soil at the levels of only 50 years ago and therefore not getting into our bodies.

How can NRT help the immune system? 

After Joe’s Nutrition Response Testing™ analysis, existing imbalances to your immune system will be identified.  In other words, NRT will help Joe identify where and why your immune system is being Blocked or Switched and not performing at its optimal levels.

Why wait?

Identify the stressors that are affecting your immune system’s ability to function at its best.  Follow Joe’s recommended dietary and lifestyle changes and specific whole-food supplements and/or herbs as revealed by the results of your NRT evaluation.

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