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Nutrition Response Testing® and Switching Part 2



Posted by Joe Downer |  | Posted in Nutrition Response Testing (NRT).

Sometimes our bodies work against us.  It’s the strangest thing: 

You came to Joe complaining that your symptoms had not responded well to conventional Western Treatment or Alternative therapy (acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc) treatment.  During his NRT testing he discovered one or more Blockages and he developed a treatment plan for you.  On the plan you responded well – for a while.

And then this happened…

You had been feeling tired and listless until you started Joe’s treatment plan, and you began to feel better.  After several weeks you couldn’t account for why once again you were feeling so tired in the afternoons.                                      

Or, your wrist pain, which had lessened, suddenly got worse.

Or, perish the thought, you started to gain weight on the same healthy food program that until then was helping you to lose weight. 

You were switched

What you experienced was Switching (Neurogenic Switching).  The delicate electrical communication system that is the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) has revealed a Switch that was hidden behind the Block that was removed.

Where did this switching come from?

Blocking and Switching can be operating at the same time. 

As we mentioned in Part 1, Blocking can occur because of some, or all these 5 stressors:  immune challenges, food sensitivities, scars, heavy metal toxicity (such as to aluminum, mercury or lead), and chemicals, or other kinds of sensitivities (jewelry, clothing, radio frequencies, etc.).  If you are sensitive to Switching, any of these stressors can also cause Switching.  Sometimes it’s the same stressor causing both the Block and the Switch and sometimes it’s a different stressor.

Switching may come and go

Should a treatment program seem to stop working, it should not be surprising that the problem is Switching.  People who tend to be Switched tend to go in and out of Switching over time as we can be slammed by our constantly changing group of stressors. 

That’s why Joe schedules weekly monitoring sessions to be able to adjust your NRT supplement program to take care of your initial stressors along with any new stressors that may show up over time.

Testing for switching is simple

When Switching is suspected, the “pinkie and thumb” style muscle test is how Joe verifies that Switching is occurring.  If this test does not confirm Switching it means that the Switch may be happening at a deeper level.  Other muscle tests may be required to reveal this deeper level of Switching and help pinpoint which stressor is causing the Switch.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) or Nerve Express monitoring is a simple non-invasive test that also can reveal deep Switching.

Once the stressors involved are identified, Joe will modify your nutrition plan as needed to restore your body’s ability to heal itself.  The supplement plan Joe prepares for you may occasionally need to be modified when a new Switch or Block is observed.  As we have noted before, this is not the typical Western medicine cookie-cutter approach of “take these pills for 30 days and then come back if it doesn’t help, and we’ll try something else.”

Now What?

When you aren’t feeling quite right and you want a way to assist your body in true healing, call us at 203-257-7550 to set up an appointment for your NRT evaluation session.


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