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Nutrition Response Testing™ and Switching Part 1



Your body is working on many levels all the time, even when you seem to be doing nothing specific.  For instance, as you are eating a meal there is increased blood flow to the stomach and intestines to take care of the needs of digestion.  This does not come by lowering blood pressure and reducing oxygen in other parts of the body, as you might think. 

The body responds to the needs of digestion mainly by diversion of blood from skeletal muscle tissue and by increasing blood volume pumped by the heart.  The body is responding to stress (yes, eating is a stress on the body) by balancing its systems according to the greatest immediate need.

When the body’s regulating system is not functioning efficiently you may recognize this as “not feeling right” or feeling ill.  You may also recognize this condition when you don’t respond as expected to medical treatment.

Unbalanced body systems

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is part of the body’s balance-regulating system.  You’ve read previously that it can become Blocked by stressors.  There’s another way the ANS can become unbalanced.  This is when the ANS is Switched.

What is switching?

When there is Neurogenic Switching the ANS healing signals stop working, or even reverse their expected effect because the electrical signals don’t get to the right place.

The Autonomic Nervous System is confused.  It is in a state of dys-regulation.  As in Blocked Regulation, the ANS has been stressed by one, some, or all these 5 stressors:  immune challenges, food sensitivities, scars, heavy metal toxicity (such as to aluminum, mercury or lead), and chemicals, or other kinds of sensitivities (jewelry, clothing, radio frequencies, etc.). 


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