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NRT and Blocking


Posted by Joe Downer |  | Posted in Nutrition Response Testing (NRT).

Feeling a bit “out of it” lately?  A bit more tired than usual after exercising?  Finding it takes longer than usual to fall asleep? 

Maybe you tried extra coffee during the day.  Taken a few vitamin pills?  How about a glass of wine before bedtime?  Nothing seemed to work, did it?  Did you ever wonder why?

It could be that your body’s involuntary control system has a blockage.


The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is what keeps your body’s systems and organs
in balance.  The ANS directs them to produce increases or decreases in system functions (Regulation) in response to the body’s changing needs throughout the day. 

Sometimes the ANS becomes blocked due to one, some, or all of these 5 stressors:  immune challenges, food sensitivities, scars, heavy metal toxicity (such as to aluminum, mercury or lead), and chemicals, as well as other kinds of sensitivities (jewelry, clothing, radio frequencies, etc.).

What blocking causes

When your ANS is functioning efficiently (Open Regulation) you can respond well to natural health improvement programs, like acupuncture, nutrition, diet, chiropractic, lifestyle changes, etc.

When the ANS is blocked (Blocked Regulation), prescribed medications or specific therapies to relieve your symptoms, even natural remedies often will not produce the hoped-for results as we discussed at the beginning of this article.  Symptoms generally will drag on or may even worsen.

Identifying blockages

The Regulation Test to detect Blockages relies on the fact that ANS fibers in the hand produce a measurable electro-magnetic field that your body will react to by having a specific muscle reaction.  The arm muscles typically are chosen as the indicator. 

When Joe is performing this test for you, you will be asked to resist his pressure against your arm as he places his hand over each body organ.  As your body detects the natural electrical field in Joe’s hand, the ANS will respond to this mini-stress by attempting to regulate the body’s systems to rebalance itself.

If the ANS is blocked he will be able to detect this through a change in your arm’s resistance.  It’s really that simple.

Eliminating blockages

A muscle testing procedure similar to that used to detect Blockages is used both to pinpoint specific causes of blockages and to identify specific foods and nutrients that will make true healing possible.  When multiple stressors are detected Joe will establish priorities and devise a healing plan for you, which will include additional NRT sessions and a variety of non-invasive tests to monitor your healing progress and to update your healing plan.

The plan Joe prepares will be specific to your needs.  This is not the typical Western medicine cookie-cutter approach of “take these pills for 30 days and then come back if it doesn’t help.”

Now what?

If you are not feeling quite right and want to try true healing and not just a “band aid” for your symptoms, call us at 203-257-7550 to set up an appointment for your NRT evaluation session.


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