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Acupuncture For Poor Eyesight



Posted by Joe Downer | September 15th, 2014 | Posted in Acupuncture, Eyes, Vision.

Poor eyesight can be the result of a number of very different conditions.  These range from genetics, to the effects of an otherwise unrelated illness or accident, or to a specific eye condition.  Impaired vision is the end stage of most these disorders.

Some well-known disorders are:

  • Glaucoma (abnormal fluid pressure resulting in vision loss)
  • Macular Degeneration (loss of central, detailed vision)
  • Optic Nerve Atrophy (deterioration of the optic nerve)
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Cataracts
  • Wandering eyes

These and many other eyesight impairments have been found to be related to the muscles of the eye and neck.  The result of these tensed muscles external to the eye can be rigidity of eye structures, uncoordinated movement of eye structures, pressure on vertebrae causing misalignment, impaired blood flow, impaired nerve signals, or impaired lymph flow.  Tensed muscles within the eye structure itself can affect the lens or retina.

Where Acupuncture Helps

The most common “treatment” for poor eyesight is prescription glasses, which addresses the symptoms of impaired vision but does nothing to correct the cause.  For many people restoring vision function to a near-normal level may be enough.  Typically, though, the source of these vision impairments continues, and vision further deteriorates, requiring ever stronger lenses over time.

Acupuncture, which operates at the muscular, organ and cellular levels, often can lighten or even eliminate the cause of poor eyesight.  Here are several recent case studies that show a range of conditions where acupuncture treatments resulted in improved eyesight.

The vision scale shown ranges from 0 to 1.0 (normal):

  1. Hu Xin, female, nine years old, both sights: 0.3, sight after wearing glasses: 0.6.  Her vision did not improve with two years of treatment by Western doctors.  Following a course of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs, her vision improved to 1.0.
  2. Allen, male, 28 years old.  Airport worker.  His left sight: 0.1 (very weak), right sight:1.0 (normal).  There is a big difference in ametropia (images fail to focus upon the retina) between his eyes.  Using acupuncture and Chi Gong his left sight improved to a normal 1.0.
  3. Ali, male, 41 years old.  An editor.  His left sight: 0.5 (0.6 after wearing glasses), right sight: 1.0 (normal).  Twenty minutes after his first acupuncture treatment, without wearing glasses, his left eye vision increased to 0.8.  At the second session, his left sight without glasses raised up to standard sight 1.0.
  4. 108 patients diagnosed by an ophthalmologist with macular degeneration received acupuncture treatments.  Patients with both wet and dry forms of AMD benefited equally.  Half the patients reported improved vision.  One-third tested a gain of more than 2 lines on EDTRS Visual Acuity Eye Charts.  Scotomas disappeared in 20% of the patients

Acupuncture can provide real improvements for poor eyesight even where Western medicine has no solution at all.

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