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Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping with Quantitative EEG

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Here at Stratford Acupuncture & Nutritional Wellness Center, we are excited to offer Neurofeedback Therapy and qEEG Brain Mapping to our patients!

Neurofeedback works to retrain brain wave patterns and psychotherapy works to retrain your patterns of thought and behavior. Together, psychotherapy and neurofeedback offer a promising outcome for a range of mental disorders.

But what is qEEG Brain Mapping?

Simply put, a quantitative EEG is a computer analysis of EEG data, a visual way to see how your brain functions by measuring your brain waves.  qEEG’s give us information about issues impacting your brain functions by analyzing your brain patterns against what we know of as “healthy/optimal” brain patterns. Distinct EEG patterns are used to identify attention deficits, depression, anxiety, concussion, and other conditions.

Ok, but how can Neurofeedback help me?

Neurofeedback has been successfully used to treat ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Stress, Emotional Distress, Behavioral Issues, Mood Issues, Pain, Lyme, Headaches, Concussion, TBI and many other conditions. During this treatment, or “re-training”, the patient is reinforced for changing their brain waves at a subconscious level using computers. With this practice, the brain learns to self-regulate, which in turn calms the nervous system, when then reduces or in some cases, eliminates symptoms. Without self-regulation, many issues within the central nervous system can result, such as lack of focus, depression, anxiety, and other physical symptoms. For example, anxiety becomes an issue when your brain gets “locked” into a state of heightened sensitivity. It creates new neural pathways that cause anxious thoughts. The more we travel down those pathways, the harder it is to stop them. The result leads to chronic anxiety.  Neurofeedback helps to re-train the region of your brain that is causing these symptoms, bringing you back to a state of balance.

Practically any brain, regardless of its level of function or dysfunction, can be re-trained to function better. Research and studies have shown that more than 91% of patients who undergo the recommended treatment and therapy with Neurofeedback report significant improvement and long-lasting results!   

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