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24-Hour Glucose Coaching

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Glucose Coaching in Shelton CT

92% of Americans have poor metabolic health.

This is because:


● We get about 10X more daily energy inputs than 100 years ago

● We move less than we ever have

● We seem to get a lot less sleep

● Extremely processed foods make up 60% of food intake in the US

● There is more stress on everyone

There are a lot of factors that can improve metabolic health, so let's go over how to improve them all in a simple format.

Here are the main factors that will improve your metabolic health:

● Quality of sleep and sleep hygiene

● Personalized diet optimized specifically for you

● Regular exercise (not on and off)

● Reducing stress

● Assuring you avoid environmental toxins

These factors sound simple, yet the majority of people struggle to adhere to any of them due to various factors but primarily because most efforts are not sustainable and not personalized.WhatIf you want to stop struggling and get on the right track, there is a new solution where you can see your own bodies data and see in real-time how your health is performing:

Introducing... Theia Health: Get real-time, actionable insights on diet and lifestyle using biosensors. Never ask "what should I eat?" again.

Sign-up now to get ensure you start the new year optimizing your health:

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