The human body is not just parts: it is an organic whole, where everything is interconnected through chemical and protein messages, electrical conduits, energy pathways, and feedback loops. Want proof? Just look at the common cold, usually an invasion of the nose by a virus. And what happens? A runny nose, a headache, tiredness and listlessness, sometimes a cough, fuzzy thinking and maybe other symptoms. It seems a lot of things are connected to the nose!


Traditional Western medicine typically treats the body’s parts, not the whole. That’s why there are so many medical specialties. By only treating the areas of the body that have an obvious symptom, Western medicine often misses the root cause and does a poor job treating many maladies. Nutrition Response Testing™ and the nutritional approach to treatment as practiced by Joe Downer (MSAC, L.Ac.) at Stratford Acupuncture and Wellness Center addresses the wholeness of the human body. This approach identifies and helps the body to correct the internal imbalances that are the cause of many medical conditions.


NRT examines the body’s system of organs, glands, and tissues. It is a deceptively simple procedure that detects energy flow blockages and biochemical imbalances caused by stresses on the system — immune system challenges, scars, heavy metal and chemical toxicities, environmental stress, food sensitivities, allergens, and more — the root causes of most of what we call illnesses.


Developed in 1964, NRT is based on the discovery that every organ dysfunction gives rise to a specific muscle weakness. Detecting these weaknesses through muscle-testing procedures (Muscle Response Testing- MRT), a form of “applied kinesiology,”) enables the practitioner to pinpoint the cause(es) of each disease or condition.

NRT also has roots in acupuncture. NRT diagnostic procedures can reveal energy blockages at acupuncture points that affect specific organs.


Usually two steps are involved after the initial NRT diagnostic procedure is completed. A plan is established to remove or modify the system stresses that were identified. Then the affected organs are rebalanced and strengthened with specific nutrition and supplement needs that have been identified by further NRT diagnostic procedures.

By correcting a primary imbalance or blockage a hidden second imbalance or nutrition deficiency may be revealed. Thus, NRT is a process that often should be repeated. This will bring the body’s organ systems into balance and build peak performance over time. Since the body is a whole entity wherein many parts communicate with each other, our patients often find that a specific NRT treatment program will correct several symptoms that Western medicine might say come from two different, “unrelated” diseases.


NRT is not a one-size-fits-all therapy for your medical concerns. That is very different from Western medicine’s by-the-numbers cookbook approach to treating disease. NRT provides a solution specific to your body’s needs. In fact, we may find that you are not a candidate for an NRT solution. If this is the case, we will never suggest that you just “try it and see what happens”.

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